EarlCwrote: “Just as this


EarlCwrote: “Just as this initial thread focuses on the MANY options for web video hosting, why fight one that is less than optimum, or downright WRONG for your particular specific intent and purpose?”

The July issue of Videomaker featured an excellent article byAndrew Burke on Online Sharing Sitesin whichYouTube, Vimeo and Motionbox were highly recommended. In searching for the optimum solution to my specific needs and purpose I am open to investigating and exploring all suggestions and recommendations. As an alternative to converting my original AVCHD files to either .wmv or flash files before I upload them to my current webhosting service I find the services offered by Motionbox appealing because it is done forme and quickly plays the videos back in gorgeous Hi-def as soon as they are clickedon.

Now that I find that Motionbox, like Vimeo, does not allow for the showing of commercial interests like real estate videos at their “premium” rate, I am waiting for their response to my inquiry about their professional hosting services. In the meantime, I will be only too happy to consider other solutions to my specific needs and purpose because it will benefit all videomakers who want topost links totheir real estate videos on my real estate website.

I appreciate this opportunity to discuss my video needs and now that I think of it, will post a link to these forums inthe discussionforum on my Videographer’s Board.

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