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Other than the monetary incentives, there are many ways in which writing on other blogs can greatly help you:

1. Free traffic to your own blog
By linking back to your own blog you can pick up some nice quality back links pointing to your site. Well allow two backlinks to guest bloggers as a way to say thank you for their high quality guest posts. These kinds of backlinks are highly appreciated by Google especially after Google Penguin update as you are guest blogging our blogs that is based in your niche.

2. More exposure and branding
Suppose you write on a guest post on a blog that gets 10000 visits per day and your guest post is viewed by 5000 readers of that blog over the period of time, so you are able to present your expertise and brand to so many people with single guest posts only. And if you could afford to write 8-10 guest posts every month over the next one year, you can imagine how much exposure and branding you will be getting for yourself through guest blogging only.

3. Build relationships with other bloggers
By guest blogging you are able to connect and work with other bloggers in your niche. Apart from guest blogging, there is no alternate to build healthy relationship with fellow bloggers who are unknown to you. You will also be able to connect with their readers through your guest posts and your comment replies.

4. More guest posts for your own blog
As you are writing more and more guest posts, other blog owners and their readers are able to know about you and your online blog. There is every chance some of blog owners for whom you had written guest posts will be interested in writing guest posts on your blog as well.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head why you should consider guest blogging. If you’re interested in getting paid to write, we are happy to pay for good informative content written to our standards. Please PM me samples of your writing and how much you think its worth.

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