@EarlC your on to somethi


@EarlC your on to something here. I was actually just thinking about this the other day–making some sort of video that would promote wedding video in general. I work for a video studio part-time where we do weddings and various other video projects, and when I first started there I thought the weddings were kind of fun, kind of cool, and definitely a place to explore creativity where the general public doesn’t necessarily expect it. But after working there for a while and doing a fair share of weddings (both shooting and editing) I’ve realized that I love it! And on top of that I got married this last August and of course we had the studio I work for do our wedding and I can’t imagine not having that keepsake. In my opinion wedding video should be one of the top 5 things considered when planning a wedding (I’d even place it over photography…if the budget came to cutting something that is). Unfortunately the general public doesn’t see it that way…hence my consideration of the wedding video promo.

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