EarlC- you said, “And, why


EarlC- you said, “And, why throw lights onto a lighted screen if it’s even and bright”

I planned to focus my lighting on the talent and try not to have light spillage onto the TV screen.

I’ve beenthinking about this for several days.

Been thinking of creating a largegreenscreen rectangle in my graphics program and saving the file for use in Movie Studio as backdrop. You mentioned the same thing, might be the best way to go.

Recently, I bought a Blue-ray player and my camera is a Sony HDR-SR12. My Sony Movie Studiosoftware will burn blue-ray disks.

Not quite sure how to do this, but maybemake a bunch of copies of the greenscreen graphic made in the graphics program stacked in a Movie Studio timeline. This way I could then burn thestacked timeline onto a Blue-ray disk. THenhavethe greenscreen playing on the TV as a background.

Then of course I could take it a step further and just create the backgroundI want on the timelineand play it on the Blue-Ray/TV.

I’m not sure about abest way to do this, but workarounds can be time saving. LOL

My TV is aSony Bravia 46 inch model XBR. Interlace shouldn’t be a problem.

Setting up greenscreen backdrops for quickie stuff is a pain. Getting uniformity in the lighting, getting the talent/actor far enough away, etc.

I don’t have a light meter so getting the light the same at the right levels can be tedious.

The idea of doing greenscreen type backgrounds in this with aTV instead of a cloth draped greenscreen is attractive. Nostands,no background lights…just seems like an excellent way to go about greenscreen. Interviews and talking heads should be an excellent fit for this kinda video.

Making a video of just the greenscreen from draped and lighted cloth backdrop is also a thought that should save time. That is, if a greenscreen the size of a 46 inch TV fills the need.

Then of course… I haven’t shot any video like this yet. There could be glare and lighting issues I’ve not thought about using a TV for background.You see TV all the time on the newsbroadcasts where the TV is running while the talking heads are about their business.

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