EarlC – “XTR – you’re hitt


EarlC – “XTR – you’re hitting all around elements of progressive vs interlaced but are not really accurate in your assessment of the two”… “It certainly IS NOT ‘gimmicky’ sorry”

What I meant was the power of sensor it took to create a true progressive image. I was just wondering if manufacturing progressive scan into a camcorder was truly expensive, or is the price just inflated due to people’s demands? It’s definitely worth while to get a camcorder with progressive scan, but for hunderds of dollars extra, I’d stick with the interlaced footage that the camera produces, or use the de-interlacing technique that your camcorder/software has.

EarlC – “You’re the first person I’ve ever heard say he wanted to ‘modify’ his camera’s firmware via infrared. Huh? To what advantage would that be?”

Video companies often have the habbit of copying firmware (“computer”) chips and placing them in multiple camcorders. Many of the advantages are “turned off” via infrared (or even USB) on their lower-end models. I’ve been looking around for a secret passage into the firmware of my camcorder for adding any possible hidden features. A good shareware download for doing this would be nice, or even a safe place to find a list of infrared “hack codes”. Maybe even adding or changing hard disk files via USB.

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