Earlc what do you think a


Earlc what do you think about the setup I have now. It was almost 300.00 for the setup. The fluid head seems fine. May not be the best with adjust when it comes to setting the friction/speed of panning. Other than that it seems fine. The tripod itself seems sturdy but it has only single legs and the tripods most are talking about have multi legs.


This is what I have.

Please any suggestions will be appreciated. As you say you have seen much. I have not. I rather know now then wait until after it sails away.

I did order the spreader for it(ground level) and a sand bag. That should help.

I will get a better one when after I get a few bucks together. Just need to know if I am flirting with disaster with this or if it will do the job for a while.

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