EarlC, I recently bought m

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EarlC, I recently bought my new computer and paid ~25% less than the “Low Budget” but have the computer of the “Serious Amateur” build. My numbers quote is referencing using a PC and not a Mac. As I think about it those prices would be inline with purchasing a Mac. Good discussion and I do concede the point of not low bidding it, but I wonder if they were quoting Mac prices?

Charles, PC’s do have a lot going on behind the scenes. The two types of computers work like this. The PC to operate needs all of its pieces working for the whole of the machine to work. As a “piece” corrupts, then you see things like the slowing or bogging down of the system.

A Mac on the other hand is like a multi-plugin powerstrip. The power strip is the bare bone operating system. Each one of the plugs is some extension of the system that you might want to run. As you need that part of the system it “plugs-in” to the power strip. Now one of the beauties of the Mac is that if the plug-in corrupted in its operations then it will just fall off the powerstrip without taking the whole system – PC freeze up.

I love the architecture of the Mac computer vs the PC, but can’t justify the price. I use a built PC and all its does is video editing… NOTHING ELSE. I have no problems and I think that is because I recognize thevulnerabilityof the PC computer and don’t add anything to possibly corrupt it. IF I were a professional editor like a number of folks here, if it were my livelyhood, then I absolutely would spend the money on the Mac.

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