EarlC, I appreciate your p


EarlC, I appreciate your point of view. Since I own three similar businesses, I can relate. I also spend a lot of time on forums that are specific to my industries, and I see a lot of people posting the same type of post that I made on your forum, and they all irritate me. Seems like everyone assumes that everyone elses profession is easy and skill-less.

But at the same time, with all three of my businesses, we have potential customers who deside to “do-it-themselves”, and some of them do a pretty darn good job. It always “chaps my you-know-what”, but if they are happy with home made business cards, or those cheapo crappy cards that you can get from vistaprint.com, then fine. There is nothing that I can do about it. And although I percieve a homemade sign or business form or occasionally homemade screen printed t-shirts as being tacky, sometimes those homemade products actually fit the consumers needs better than a professional product. Actually, one of our largest customers PREFERS really tacky looking business solititation, not because of money constraints, but because their customers actually respond to it better (this is a small consumer lender – like the ones who make $300 loans at 125% interest).

In our particular case, we could care less if our attendees actually purchase videos or not, unless we were actually getting a cut of the profit. We do have a contractual obligation to provide one video for each band director, and we would loose competitors if we did not provide that. $300 is a rediculously low price for us to pay for those 30 ten minute videos, I actually have no objection to that, but it has in the past always been understood that we recieved those videos for free in exchange for allowing the video company rights and space to sell additional videos. It was a trade-off. Now, if we have to pay for those videos, which by the way are not anything that I would consider professional, then why should we give away the space that we could otherwise rent to another vendor.

You may be intirely correct that videoing our competition may not be very profitable for the video company. I have no way to know how many they sell. There is always a crowd of people around their booth, but that does not mean that there is a pile of actual orders.

So, from the standpoint of someone who is in your profession, do you think that I would offend them if we asked them how many videos that they sell, or in some other way if we asked them if our competition is not profitable for them? This particular company specializes in doing band videos and does them over a pretty good size geographical area. Since both our competitions are among the largest in the southeast, typically withbands from three different states,I would assume that if any band competition is profitable our would certainly be.

Their email stated: “we have implemented a new policy, we will be charging $10 for each band director video at each high school competition.” It goes on to explain that this policy is not in effect for state sanctioned competitions. We have one of each type, both competitions have 30 bands. There are a lot of other band competitions that if I were them I would not bother with ether – like competitions that only have 6 very small bands. I can understant that those competitions may not be worth their while. And I kind of feel that they are grouping our competitions into that catagory of small unprofitable competitions, based on the fact that one of our competition is not “state sanctioned” – like they came up with the policy for smaller competitions that really should not apply to either of ours, but yet they are applying it to ours, maybe in their mind that is fair. Butfrom my point of view they are trying toabuse acompetition that may possibly be a cash cow for them.

If making saleable videos is to expensive or complicated of an undertaking, maybe we should just make the directors videos and lease the video booth to another vendor rather than giving it away for free. Some of our visitors have limited funds and may prefer to spend their $15 on anevent shirt rather than a video, and the shirt vendor would actually be willing to pay us for the opportunity.

Again, I appreciate everyones response, I will take what everyone said into consideration when I meet with the booster officers, and we will try to make a rational decision and not an emotional one.

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