EarlC hit it straight on t


EarlC hit it straight on the head and FILMSinc also brought up the ‘nagging question’ concerning the move to HD. My co’made the transition from DV to HD this year. It wasn’texpensive as it could have been, but it still wasn’t cheap. You have to be absolutely clear on the HDpost-production ‘pipeline’ you plan to use and will all of the elements support the camera and the HD format it utilizes. I’ve been a huge fan of Canon for many years and have used an XL1-s rig since ’02. When it was time to make the leap to HD, initially we were going to go with Canon but at the time there was sparse support for their ‘f’ scanning when there was lots for ‘p’. That and there was no canon ‘deck’ for tapes when most of their competitors had consumer and pro VTR’s. Now that things are going solid-state for recording, there are new challenging choices to be made when deciding to get a new rig. As is, DV (SD)is still a viable format particularly for DVD and web distribution. Bottom line is; if you plan to do this for a living, you’re going to have to make the transition to HD. For now, it is not unreasonable to ‘hedge your bets’ and purchase a rig that can do both HD and SD formats.

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