Earl, Actually delivering



Actually delivering on a thumb drive is pretty smart and economical. Now obviously you wouldn’t deliver a Digital Print on one because of the file size (unless they start making 250GB or bigger thumb drives.) But for a single clean MP4 or MPEG2 ready for the web or DVD transfer it’s perfect. The main issue would be how the client would perceive getting their deliverable on a Cruzer Drive! You’d have to sell them on the idea of it saving money vice burning it to Blu-Ray or coughing up an entire hard-drive. Except for serious techno types, people who are aware of USB drives don’t consider them something a pro would put a deliverable on. I put entire presentations with video on one and offload it onto the host machine. When I’m done, it’s a quick stroke to delete it from their machine and I’m off to the next with my cruzer around my neck.

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