Earl, thanks for the reply


Earl, thanks for the reply. I’ve been reading for most of the last day or two. I’ve learned that my PC is strong enough to edit HD (processor is only 1.6ghz and the pc will only accept 2gb of ram max). I dont want to spring $400-500 for a more powerful refurbed pc. So…what if I filmed in SD? Will a processor of 1.6ghz and ram of 1gb be sufficient to edit SD?

If so, I think I have these camera options:

Buy an HV10 or 20. I believe the HV10 & 20 also shoot in SD (just need to see if it the 10 has a mic and headphone jack). I saw them in the $450 range.

Buy a used GL1 for $900, use it for say a month, then sell it for $500 (Im guessing). Incurr a net loss of $400.

Rent a GL2 for anywhere from two ($118) to six ($185) days . My question with renting is how long will it take me (a complete newbie) to learn how to use a GL2 properly?(bearing in mind this is an instructional only, with head shots, close ups, not much movement, etc.) The VX2100 is similarly priced if thats any easier. Thanks again for your input.

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