Earl & Jack: Thank you


Earl & Jack:

Thank you both for your valuable insights! I too am forced to conclude that a coop will not survive, at this time.

Earl, your assessment is spot on. I perceive that the prospective audience herehas grown exponentially over the past decade or so, with exactly the attitude you mentioned. Many budding videographers haven’t yet discovered Videomaker – probably because we ARE an independent sort of creature. Yet, Videomaker magazine and Videomaker.com have created avirtual coop, of a sort. Earl, I am truly grateful that you answered my request.

Jack, thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with your former associations. I would have hated to reinvent the wheel and go down in flames! I disagree, somewhat, that there aren’t enough humble or competent enough to realize they need help. These forums are proof. I sense reticence on this topic because the great unwashed are a little too timid to speak up and publicly proclaim their lack of experience, for fear of losing “Street Cred”.

My business only exists because I have another source of income (USAF pension). I will always have something in the works, professionally or personally (stay tuned for my Solar Cook-Off shoot). I document anything, except pornography and illicit material. Weddings have been merely one aspect of my portfolio. I’m extremely fortunate to be able to pursue my passion. I will try to support our fellow videographers with whatever experience I have – or will have. I sense that there are MANY VM forum contributors who feel exactly the same way…

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