Earl, have you tried the g


Earl, have you tried the glossy discs I have mentioned?

From my experience, the matte discs smudge far easier than glossy – and the only way I have seen marks on glossy the glossy discs I mentioned is literally soaking them in water. I have rubbed my fingers over them many times with no issue.

With the matte discs – at least with the epson inks (brand inks and the ciss inks) is it is 100% NOT water resistant. You sneeze across the room and you have ink spots. This has been tried with 4 different brands of matte discs – surely an ink issue.

The surface sucks the ink right up – you can burn immediately after
printing and the ink will not run – yes I know that is not the
recommended order but I do it quite often with no problems. Put a drop
of water on your finger and touch the surface and you will have a dry

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