Earl – good write up. I us


Earl – good write up. I use a very similar setup to what you mentioned except I use Zoom H4N’s. I can plug two mics in to each if I want or use the on-board mics. I do use both wireless and wired mics with the H4N – it just depends on what I am trying to accomplish. I also use two XLR inputs on each of the XF100’s I use. And, like you stated I have had great success using the RS lav’s (both wired and wireless). My crew and I just finished up a project where we used the H4N’s on mini tripods and mic stands and a boom to capture speech – the setup worked great. The more audio you record the better – we had a boom mic go out on the dialog in our last project and didn’t realize it until post. Fortunately, we had a H4N on a table right next to the scene that captured the audio also – which in post ended up being used for the scene’s audio track. You just can never have enough audio captured.

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