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Congratulations this is a great topic and certainly valid. What i have learned as veteran coming up, was that my initial fear of the revolution of “affordable” quality resolution video gear and desktop editing, would do to production, what the Linn Drum machine, did to music. Yes, there are now MILLIONS of “would-be” video producers. On the other hand in a discussion I recently participated heavily in (International Film & Video Professionals), This scenario to a great extent merely floods the marketplace with poor content. There seems to a trend among those who jump into video and or filmmaking, that learning the equipment or taking a course on say FCP, makes one a “Filmmaker” and or “editor”. As any of us who have had any professional success whatsoever know is that learning how to operate the equipment DOES NOT make you CREATIVELY or ARTISTICALLY talented!

Much the way singing lessons won’t make you a ROCK STAR, those who have talent MUST concentrate as much an employing their own unique talent to exploit creative methods to deliver RESULTS for clients!

To EARN in this market, the producers and directors respectively who will rise above, will deliver RESULTS for their clients. That said, compelling entertaining content properly marketed will get “VIEWS”. Those “VIEWS” = RESULTS. Thus providing quantifiable ROI for clients and producers.

I spend a great deal of time and effort supporting and consulting filmmakers even at the broadcast level in combining creative methods of developing and producing compelling PROFITABLE content by exploiting the technology available with focus on creativity and PRODUCTION VALUE.

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