Earl and Jedichick are bot


Earl and Jedichick are both right.

Technically you are supposed to get permission from those who’s faces are shown in a crowd, but most times that is impossible to do. However, when shooting an event in a public place like a parade, park, etc. with large numbers of people you are allowed to do so particularly if you are shooting news footage and not focusing on specific individuals in a crowd like you would during on the spot interviews. Ideally, you want to get a signed release from those you focus on for interviews, but if time does not allow the best thing to do is record them giving their full name and giving their permission for you to shoot them on camera. It gets dicey as you need to make sure your name, job title and what the footage is to be used for clearly stated on the audio track. This is mainly a CYA tactic in case of the odd legal challenge.

BTW, Jedichick, that’s one mighty fine avatar! Now be kind enough to lift my X-wing out of the swamp….

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