‘Earl’ and almost everyone


‘Earl’ and almost everyone else have given you good information. Dropped frames are not normally an indication of faulty footage, they are simply an inability of your computer to keep-up with an incoming stream of ‘capture’ material. There may, in fact, be a brief period at the beginning of each ‘capture’ when your computer gives an illusion of ‘keeping-up’, but that is usually confined to the time taken for a buffer to fill to capacity, the buffer being needed to even-out the flow of incoming material and match the input to the output. Another correspondent mentioned using tapes only once. I have found it perfectly OK to use mine several times, retiring them to less onerous duties after between four and half-a-dozen uses. There used to be a theory, that if your tape-driven mechanism suffered from head-clogging, or similar problems, thatmight have been put down to a small amount of oxide shed by brand-new tapes, which was unlikely to be a problem with re-use. Some people used to run brand new tapesright through, end-to-end with the lens blacked-off to establish a reliable time-coding basis for critical applications.

IanSmith(Dunedin, NewZealand)

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