Each sensor type has it’s


Each sensor type has it’s unique qualities. Historically CCDs have been better in that they’ve produced better looking images. But, that is mainly because CMOS technologies have needed to overcome their own obstacles to reach the quality of CCD imagers. That was several years ago. Currently, at the consumer and prosumer price points, CMOS seems to have greater benefits than CCDs– including picture quality.

If you’re mainly concerned about picture quality, choosing a CMOS or CCD is just one variable in that decision. You need to look at the whole picture, such as the quality of the glass (the lens, including the diameter of the lens), how many pixels are on the imager, the physical size of the imager, it’s scan method (progressive or interlaced) and then what the camcorder does to the image after it’s captured from the sensor (i.e., compression schemes). All this is to say that a image sensor is an important factor, but there is a lot of other factors to consider. The Sony VX2000 for example has found a happy marriage among all these factors, which is why the picture quality is perceived to be higher than a lot of other CCD cameras in that price range.

It seems to be the trend among manufacturers to adopt CMOS sensors for most new camcorders. The main factor in their decision is that CMOS sensors require less power to operate. And, as CMOS technologies advance, the picture quality will also improve. I’ve seen some images shot on a CMOS sensor that have been quite amazing in terms of picture quality. Canon just announced that they’re spending over $400 million to open a new factory to create CMOS imagers, so… CMOS is here and will probably replace CCD in the consumer and prosumer market in the next 2-3 years.

Your brides will probably not know the difference, nor see the difference. I’d suspect you’d have more brides asking if you can do HD video than if you can shoot on CMOS versus CCD or visa versa. I’m not trying to convince you to shoot HD, but in terms of what technologies consumers are aware of, I’d said CCD versus CMOS does not play a big role for your clients.


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