Each camera gets a bag, ea


Each camera gets a bag, each expensive small item gets a small leather(ette) case, anything that is related to a camera goes in the camera bag (if you usually use mic1 with cam3, put mic1 in camera3’s bag), lighting stuff gets a bag or a hard case, if you need another bag for audio, you have another bag for audio.
Note that these are all good bags, nothing cheap. Some are porta-brace, some are petrol, some are from the equipment’s manufacturer, some are hard cases (lowel makes nice cases for their lights that come with kits, most expensive little things come with one of those little black zipper cases, etc). Also, we keep battery chargers on a cart, plugged in, simply drop the batteries in and they charge, take them off when they are done, put any other dead ones in (we have a 3-battery charger for a type of battery that we have 9 or so of), there is a position on this cart marked for charged, a position marked for dead (masking tape + sharpie), so that at a glance you know whats charged and what isn’t. Then when you go out, you take the batteries and put them in the camera bags.
The one thing that usually doesn’t get a bag is the tripod. We have bags for them, but it is usually pointless to put something as solid as a tripod into a bag, and the bag is probably more easily lost than the tripod (unless you are going to a clients location or somesuch and you want to show how fancy it is that it is in a bag…. [ah, consumerism]).

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The best video monitors — 2021

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