dzgear,It looks like you



It looks like you did a good job on components. You probaly would have saved more money buying everything over the internet but that’s OK. The store you bought everything from will be more willing to help you with problems if they come up because you dropped some serious money there.

All you have to do is follow the manual with regards to your MOBO. You’ll do fine with that. The only part that you HAVE to be carefull with is attaching your heatsink to the CPU. If you don’t do it correctly you could burn that up and then will have to get another one. πŸ™

If you get by that hump the BIOS is usually a piece of cake. Most of the MOBO’s today ship with BIOS that have auto settings that detect and set themselves. They also come with a lot of the correct settings already set as a default.

Bring on your questions if you get stuck. Have fun!


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