DVine Wrote: If you are us


DVine Wrote:

If you are using a DVCAM tape then thats diffrent. They have significantly less drop out.

The ads say: “fewer dropouts” with DVCAM tape, but they don’t quanitfy what “fewer dropouts” translates to in the real world. All digital recording experiences dropouts. DV and DVCAM are no different. Dropouts (not to be confused with dropped frames) means that the data doesn’t agree with the checksum (or whatever error detection protocol the medium uses), and the error-correction has to fix it.

This, by the way, is how your camera knows to flash the “clean heads” message – when the software has to work overtime on fixing dropouts.

The DV protocol, which includes DVCAM, has one of the most robust error detection and correction algorithms ever developed. In other words, you would never know the difference because your camera (or deck) will hide the dropouts from you.

Unless you reuse your tapes a LOT, as in ENG, all that you accomplish with the more expensive tape is makeing a tape reseller very happy.

Steve Mann

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