DVine Wrote:I think you di


DVine Wrote:

I think you did a great job, look forward to seeing it.

Thanks man!

Hey everyone,

BROKEN ON TELEVISION – The BROKEN guys have been ask to be guests on the television show “The Screening Room with Jonathan Krane.” Mr. Krane is a mega producer whose credits include: Swordfish, Face Off, The General’s Daughter, Phenomenon, Look Who’s Talking Trilogy, Domestic Disturbance, & Basic to name a few. Here is a current Article written in the Hollywood Reporter:

“Film producer Jonathan Krane is stepping in front of the cameras, signing on to host the new indie film-focused show The Screening Room for a high-definition TV station in West Palm Beach, Fla. The series, which will air on WHDT from 8-10 p.m. Mondays starting Oct. 3, will feature a “watch and discuss” format with either three 20-minute films or a full-length feature, followed by Krane (Look Who’s Talking, Face/Off) holding discussions with the filmmakers or cast involved in the project. Krane said the show will give the films a chance to reach a wider audience than, for example, just festivalgoers. He added that he intends to ask “hard questions” about how the filmmaker’s original vision matches up with the final product and hopes that viewers learn something about moviemaking.”

The BROKEN guys will be on Monday, Oct 17th @ 8pm on WHTV. The shows aires in Boston and South Florida to a possible 10 Million viewers. HOLY COW!! We are soooooo excited! Tune in a tell us what you think.


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