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DVD authoring software like Sonics DVD Producer, Adobe Encore DVD and others have copy protection built right in.

DVDs produced by consumer authoring programs are not protected, so that anyone
with a DVD burner can simply copy the entire thing onto another disc.

“CSS stands for Content Scrambling System, which is the method used to encrypt
files on a DVD and prevent the user from copying the files to a hard drive from a
DVD-ROM drive.

Pressed DVDs from Hollywood studios use CSS and Macrovision protection methods,
which sets protection on a track-by-track or marker-by-marker basis in the Track
menu, but there are many programs available that will copy even these protected
DVDs with one click using a CSS decrypter- not worth it in my opinion and
Macrovision is an expensive option.

If you want the copyright on your work to be observed, practically speaking, my best
advice is to maintain a good relationship with your customers. Also use well-designed
packaging, disc surface printing, cover art and inserts to support the idea that your
original DVD is something of value to be respected.

A few technical tricks is to make ghost or un-referenced files on a DVD – all you have
to do is import the mpeg2 file into your DVD authoring program and add it to the
project but dont point anything to it – add random dummy files making it much
harder for those who use ifo editors to see which program is the actual presentation.
Import a blank 720×480 .bmp and make it act as if it’s a movie – but make them

Another trick is to author onto dual layer so it makes it harder to do a 1:1 copy
All this is very easy and NOT really time consuming at all.

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