DV Show has a great resour


DV Show has a great resource there, I highly suggest you check it out.

Though DV, yu have to keep in mind that Prince is insane. I mean really, the guy’s out there. I don’t even want to know what was going through his head when he saw that baby going crazy to his music. 😯

Every artist is different, and while some artists go off the deep end, other’s don’t even care. For his Masters Degree Thesis, a friend of mine built an automatic lighting control rig that could time and sync a full professional light show to the 10,000th of a second. He wrote to a popular electronica band asking what he would need to do to use their music in a public performance to demonstrate his device, and they not only gave him their written consent, but they also sent him a bunch of free stuff.

Like I said, it’s such a weird part of the law, that it really is best to consult legal expertise if you can.

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The best video editing plugins β€” 2021

An essential part of being a post-production specialist is knowing your tools and how to use them. But it is equally important to know when another tool will increase your ability and efficiency.