During the silent film er


During the silent film era, there was no screening of a film that didn’t also include some sort of musical accompaniment, if nothing more than to drown out the racket of the projector.

True, not only the sound of the projector, but it was also to discourage audience members from talking through the movie. There’s a story about Chaplin watching one of his own films at a small town cinema, sans any kind of music accompaniment, and becoming completely horrified by the easily distracted crowd.

Interestingly, the movie you mention (“Potemkin”) also originally had frames that were hand-colored by the director (ie, the battleship’s flag). Considering that and typically tinting methods we have to admit that silent films were neither silent, nor in black and white (they just didn’t have any synchronized sound, but if that’s a prerequisite than most of Chris Marker’s output is silent).

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