During action sequences it


During action sequences it’s like Earl said, ‘rules are made to be broken’. With ‘linear’ actions like weddings, there’s wiggle room but you have to know when. Breaking the 180 degree rule is jarring no matter when you use it. Often it is the mark of an amateur when it appears. You’re pretty much going to have to stick with the rule when establishing your sequences particularly for starting and stopping your ‘money shots’ (the entrance of the bride, etc.) However, the easiest way to bend the rule is to get into a montage quickly and smoothly as possible. Within the montage you’ll have the greatest leeway for breaking many of the editing don’t’s like pop-ins/outs and breaking the 180 rule. As always though, to keep the professional shine on your work, you’ll still have to do so carefully and with purpose or it will look like ‘Uncle Bob’ shot the dang thing!

Personally, if I don’t have to break the 180 degree rule, I don’t. Anytime you do though, make sure it’s a creative choice and make it work!

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