Dunno specifically a model


Dunno specifically a model to recommend – still using the Canon XL1 with interchangeable lens capabilities, but never got around to “interchanging” any lenses. Go figure. In my case, considering SD production, I’d been better off spending less and having 3 GL2 Canons, instead of 2 XL1 and 1 GL2.

Anyway that was/is, sort of, my point. Do you really, REALLY need (or just want, or THINK you need interchangeable lenses?) because you’re going to spend closer to $7k or thereabouts to get that function, from what I remember reading different places.

My focus is the Panasonic SDHC recordable 150 and its recently released JVC competitor. I simply do not have a serious need for interchangeable lens options – not at the premium at which they come. I seriously doubt you’re going to find interchangeable at $2K, but heck, I have been wrong before.

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