Dude I think its pretty da

AvatarEvan Patrick

Dude I think its pretty damn good. Nice steady cam/fig rig work. You executed it better than 95 percent of other wedding videographers. It always helps to have some outside feedback because your staring at the damn screen for 3 or 4 days strait and can get used to oddities. I would loose the green filter at 0:48, you will need a dissolve at 1:19, turn audio down at 1:50, and only use the “color” filter transitions a couple of times in the two minute range. I thought it was cool on the first two, but then it got distracting. And then remove the blue filter at 3:02. And 3:25 is a fricken sweet shot. I’d be stoked on it. Did you try speed ramping part of it and slow moing part if it? That might be cool. Last thing, White balance the time lapse at the end. I’d say all that will make it even better, but it’s already obvious you got your shit down. good job.

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