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i’m not familiar with your camera but if it’s like every other camera that auto focuses then it focuses on the object in the center of the screen. if you’re shooting a wedding and the bride is on the left side of the screen and the groom is on the right side of the screen and they’re facing each other, as you start to zoom in, whatever object is beind them (in between their faces) will be in focus and the bride and groom will be out of focus.

i understand what you’re saying about news photogs. usually when the anchor tosses to the reporter, he/she is in focus but if the reporter moves or the camera moves to shoot the scene then the photog has to refocus.

if the photog zooms in, focuses on the scene, then zooms out, the reporter will be “soft” or out of focus.

i hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply!
I have not shot weddings, but I can imagine what you are talking about. The only problem I have had with auto focus is when a person walks between the camcorder and the subject. Then it will try to focus on the passing person momentarily. I solve this by auto focusing on the subject, then switching to manual focus. The camcorder will stay focused on the subject no matter what strolls in front of it.
Once again, I LOVE my auto focus!
Thanks again for the input.
Anyone else? πŸ˜€

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