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It really depends on what company or individual you’re courting as a potential client. Some companies won’t give you directions to the exit if you don’t submit a project proposal. Others are like Grinner described and ‘only want the facts.’ You’ll have to research the company you want to pick up and find out how their preference for submitting contract bids.

It won’t kill you to learn how to write them though. Writing proposal’s is something every serious producer should know how to do. Just remember that writing a proposal for a corporate video production is slightly different than for a film intended for broadcast or theatrical release.

To give you an idea of what a typical proposal will look like and some other great info on running your production co. take a look at “The Independent Video Producer: Establishing a Profitable Business”. I used it and a number of other books to get my co’ off the ground and it really pointed me in the right direction. If you decide to pick up a copy, get it used for less than $10 bucks. Worth the money.


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