Drafter,That’s scary eve



That’s scary even talking about the old analog days. We come a long way baby. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I think you might have misunderstood me or I’m misunderstanding you. You would only use one audio track from one of the band preformances that “Amin Mamoun” shot. This would be the only sound track from front to back on this final clip. There is no way you could edit the two different sound clips together and make it sound like one. To many variables involved. Then you just do split-edits between the two video clips and as long as “Amin Mamoun” is on the video clip of which the audio originally came from when the band stops playing, it might just work. Remember that the video that generated the audio that’s being used should match up exactly.

Because the band was playing on two different fields, it won’t look like it was from one single event but I don’t think “Amin Mamoun” was after that. At least that’s what I’m assuming for we don’t know yet. I’m under the impression that “Amin Mamoun” just wanted a continous sound track played while showing the band at the two different locations. Because the program the band did was the same, she might be able to get pretty close.

Hopefully “Amin Mamoun” wasn’t thinking that you could edit this and make it look like one event. How could you?


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