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Download the trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro and take it for a spin. Over the years I have used just about every content editing package that has been on the market – less Avid. I just upgraded to CS5.5 Premiere Production Pro about 6 months back and honestly – its one of the best packages for the money we have used so far.

Getting familiar with some of the advanced features can be daunting however the package is intuitive enough that you can cut your first video almost out of the box – there is an option that allows you to import the content clips then with the push of a button create a baseline sequence of your clips in the order you want with the transitions etc you want, then drop it on the timeline. Then you can go in and adjust your clips as desired – this is actually a good way to get familiar with what can be done with some of the basic features. When I cut scouting sports videos I use this option to create the baseline timeline then go in and make the cuts to the timeline – it makes it very quick to get something cut if it needs to be done quickly (many times at football games by the time the game is over and the team is in the locker room I will have an initial timeline laid down for the coach before he gets on the bus).

But, your best bet is to try it out before you buy it.

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