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Doublehamm, Two programs come to mind, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You can do some amazing things with these two programs but they are a little costly for stand alones and there will be a learning curve. Personally, I would take a great still shot of the happy couple and put it on the front and back with their names and date on the front and add some vines or something that you would wish to give it a boarder. On the back I would give a little more information about the wedding and your contact information so they can get duplicate copies. Other than your disk printer, do you have a high quality paper printer? this matters a lot. Also, you would have to trim the cover to fit. If you have Illustrator and photoshop, I can always build a template for you as I do have a degree in graphic design but it would have to be in the CS family. Currently I am using CS4 but I can down convert it to any of the lower CS formats.

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