Don’t think to hard on thi


Don’t think to hard on this subject. A lot of independent producers have used non-official forms of booms to accomplish the same task at a fraction of the cost. Focus on the mic itself. Pick a good shotgun mic you like. Then get your fuzzy wind screen, if you like.

The boom itself is any pole you want, that is hollow and light enough to hold for long periods of time. Take your suspended shotgun mic mount and screw it into the end of the pole by whatever mean necessary to make it secure.

A good “pole” to use is one of those extenable power-washer brush handles. They’re already hollow so drill a hole near the mic end and feed an XLR through without the plughead on. Put the plughead on. Screw a mic mount on the end (you’ll figure it out). Now you have a $20 extendable portable boom pole. Nifty!

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