dont think the rolling


dont think the rolling shutter is any different from others.  and i think the 30 min thing is a European thing…  battery life is depending on how you use it. you can always leave the lcd on but you can also turn to the evf. can't really comment on the g6 since i dont know the system. i think the kitlens together with one prime (say 35 or 50 mm) is ideal. i know sony has some cheap quality primes. sure they will be there for the g6 as well…  one thing about any camera you choose. look at ergonomics. do you like a big camera or rather a small one, do you want stabilisation or not (for handheld sports shooting e.g.), what buttons are available, how easy is the menu set up?… both sony or g6 will be able to do good video, try to get a hold of one in a shop an 'feel them…

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