Don’t mistake 24 frames wi


Don’t mistake 24 frames with 24 progressive.
Both cameras are 1080 60i. Not 720p or 1080p.
Both cameras can shoot 24f and 30f but they use different ways of doing it -or so says Canon.
I know from use that the Sony Cineframe 24 is very jerky and not worth much but Cineframe 30 looks great.
I have not seen Canon’s work so keep that in mind.

I have an FX1 and it is a really great camera HOWEVER if I were looking to buy today, I would lean towards the Canon only because it is newer. BUT I would get the FX1 if the price was right.
The bottom line is the Canon can not do anything that the FX1 can’t do for the average user.

If you think you need 24p because you are thinking you want the film like look from video, you can get that in post.
If you really need 24p because you know you’ll film out you may want to look into some other options.

You can shoot interlaced and film out too.

My two cents.

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