Don’t lock yourself into a

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Don’t lock yourself into a system yet. You should use whatever your teachers at your school suggest because you’re going to want to be able to rely on their expertise about that particular camera when you start shooting. And your school should have equipment to check out. That’s what you’re paying all that tuition for.
If your school doesn’t have cameras, be creative. Borrow from friends and relatives. Rent if necessary. If you want to buy something, buy a used fluidhead tripod, a Rode VideoMic, and a couple of Audio Technica AT3350 lavaliers. Those are better investments and you can trade with other students. You let them use your stuff, they let you use their cameras….
And if you’re a true beginner and don’t want to go into debt, just buy a Gorillapod and bracket for your phone and shoot with that. As long as it’s fairly new, a mobile phone will take great video and have great autofocus so you won’t need to worry about technical aspects of shooting. If you can’t make a tight film with an iPhone, adding the complexity of either a DSLR or camcorder will sink you.

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