Don’t know what sort of “s


Don’t know what sort of “sequences” you want to import. And since I’m not familiar with DVD Studios, I don’t know what it can use.

But I know a workaround that works for every application I’ve used it. Replace the file itself with the new version. Video NLE’s don’t save any video until you tell them to. So you make a change & re-render, then you open the application and load the file containing your changed file. Most often, the application will use the new version without a hiccup. And sometimes the program will notice a change has been made and might ask if you want to use the changed file.

I did love dynamic linking when I was doing a lot of desktop publishing. But in my video workflow, I’m done with the video before I have something to start authoring, so I wouldn’t really have a use for it in DVD authoring. But more power to ya’ and goog luck!

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