Don’t fall into the trap o


Don’t fall into the trap of better equipment=better video. Your TRV-22 is perfectly capable of making some awesome YouTube videos, but it’s everything else from the lighting, shooting editing and talent that makes more difference.

I haven’t seen any of your work, so I can’t speak toward shooting techniques for encoding.

On the GreenScreen and lighting… I do a lot of that, and the most important thing about good greenscreen shooting is even lighting. The software you use to key the background can also make a difference.

HDV with it’s 4:2:0 colorspace will do slightly better than HD which is a colorspace of 4:1:1. I don’t know what AVCHD colorspace is, but I do know that editing AVCHD is very processor-intensive.

I am almost ready to recommend that you don’t rush out to buy an HD camera just yet. Get the editing and encoding down pat, then decide what equipment or software you need to improve your product.

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