Don’t be freaked out, you


Don’t be freaked out, you will do fine. You have gotten a lot of opinions here from people who do this for a living, and everyone has their own way of doing it. You will be just fine if you get one wireless mic for the groom, it will pick up minister, bride, and father pretty well. You could always make audio volume adjustments in post. I would suggest setting up your 72 on a $10 tripod somewhere as a static shot, plus it will serve as another audio source, granted not a very good one, but audio none the less. You could be creative with the video from that angle if you need it during editing, something you could try is to use the 72’s video as a texture, making it black and white, sepia, or something. But definately use it, it’s a good backup to have if nothing else. Hands down, the best wireless mic setup to get is the sennheisser ew100 series G2 lav mic, and if you can swing it, get the handheld adapter for it too.

Weddings are fun, because there’s always something different that you have to adapt to. Be ready, attentive and alert and you will be fine.

Also, a good piece of advice is to get as much b-roll as possible, it’s great to fill in if needed.

Check out the sample videos on my website to get some ideas if you want to

Good luck

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