Don’s mic is an example of


Don’s mic is an example of how good a chinese electret element can actually be! That particular housing is available in two distinct varieties – both of which look the same. One is plastic, the element sits inside, two wires soldered to the pads, often cable security is a simple knot, and then it’s glued together with solvent where the cap fits. wind protection is a small piece of mesh, with an equally tiny piece of thin fabric. That is it. The alternate type is fractionally bigger – made from what looks like brass from the colour – but probably a similar alloy, and has a screw on end cap. Everything else is the same. They’re used on wired versions, and radio versions. The cable is often a bit stiffer – but the sound quality is pretty good. I always suggest if you want to hear one, look at the end section of this clip I knocked up 3 or 4 years ago and listen on good headphones or speakers. Lots of different mics in a quiet and a noisy room.

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