DOn It’s a step at a time



It’s a step at a time for some of us. LOL

It might be boring tohave a Blue-Ray disk with nothing, but one continuous loop of bright green displayed on the TV.

Anyway,DOn, have you done this kinda thing before?

I played around with it a bit, but the 46″ screen may not be as big as I thought. When I apply 3 point lighting and the talent is very close to the TV… it might just be pie-in-the-sky. The talent has to be pretty close to the screen since the screen ratio on HD is 1920×1080 or 16:9. That darn screen looks pretty big until you put a person in front of it.

I’ve got some 4 bulbflourescent umbrella stand lights. I may have to unscrew a few bulbs, but it might be possible to get good skin tone and still not be an issue with the TV screen. We’ll see….

Regardless, I’ll share the results in this thread after I’ve given it a go.

Thanks toyou and EarlC for responding

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