Don, you gotthat right!The


Don, you gotthat right!The best hardwarewill give you agood experience-both on a Macor a PC.

And Ithink when itcomesdown toit, 99% ofall PC problems areuser-created (for example, tryingto run a brandnew,top oftheline,eats kilowatts ofpower asecondvideocard on a100Wpower supply thatcamewith theircomputer10years ago :-P).

Mmorris, I’ve never attended any of the seminars so I don’t know what they are like. I have a motto (especially about film) that There’s always something to learn, so there’s a good chance you’ll learn something from the seminars. I’m just a college kid who’s done a lot less video work than most of the other forum members, though, so I might find my motto changes over time. πŸ˜›

P.S. Whathappenedtotheformattingof mylastpost!?Ihadsetit upinsome niceparagraphsforeasierreading… andit kindof justgot allmangled and squashedtogether. :-/

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