Don wrote “You obviously


Don wrote “You obviously don’t have a clue,”

Switch to unleaded, dude.

The thing is, I frequently run into posers who talk loudly about “just getting a lawyer” when they have no clue what they’re talking about. I have also been up against very powerful entities that will be absolutely and clearly outside of the law, but hire a nasty lawyer who swears up and down in front of the judge that his client is humble, innocent, and pure, and that the law is “being misconstrued”, etc.

I have spoken to people who actually achieve results in David vs Goliath scenarios. Their strategy is ALWAYS

  1. Introduce self to offender
  2. Explain grievance
  3. state their authority (law X, EPA mandate Y, etc)
  4. Be cordial, get their way, have a laugh over beers with former offender.

I was hoping to gain such insight from you. Sadly I learned nothing.

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