Don: Some Virtual Tours do


Don: Some Virtual Tours do look good, there are plenty of virtual tour companies that offer software that allows agents to create an unlimited number of tours for $30.00 per month. I am not trying to compete with that. The input I am getting from Realtors and the studies the NAR has done show that users don’t spend much time looking at virtual tours. Why? Mainly because they are a regurgitation of the photo gallery that the user already viewed, with some added “special effects” and background music. So why do Realtors use them? Because a virtual tour impresses the seller, or at least they did when they first came out. Now everybody and their brother has some kind of virtual tour of their listings, some good and some not so good and if they don’t then they certainly won’t entertain having a $200-$300 video tour made. I hope I have the problem of having 10-20 properties an agent wants shot, but I highly doubt that will be the case. I think they will use video for new or expiring listings, but won’t put out the cash for a fish they already have on the hook. I just dont see this as a high volume business, 10 in a week would be a stretch IMHO, but who knows, I’d love to be wrong!

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