DOn, I’m sorry you don’t k


DOn, I’m sorry you don’t know the difference between a Digital8 machine and an analogue tape machine. The first clue to the difference is if it has a Firewire port. Analogue signals cannot move through a digital gateway and so on analogue machines they are not provided. Now the TRV350 is advertised as “backward compatible” with analogue tapes. That still doesn’t make it an analogue machine.

So to summarize, you do not have an analogue 8mm or Hi8 video camcorder. As I recall, the only format that deck can record is Digital8 (although it can play back other formats.) So if our fellow wanted to spend a few hundred dollars to buy a Digital8 camcorder (with the analogue playback function) there would be a Firewire port. But as it is, all of our posters yammering on about Firewire or USB ports do not know anything about the actual question, the problem or any clue as to how it needs to be solved. My guess is that they are but children and can’t stop themselves from being stupid in public.

So while I’m sure you think you know how video operates, your responses prove otherwise. So if you don’t know, perhaps a bit of research might help. But all you are doing now is confusing the people who do have questions. And deserve accurate assistance.

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