Don, I’m sorry-Inevermeant


Don, I’m sorry-Inevermeantto upset you.I wasmerely tryingto sympathyzewith you aboutthe namecalling andto get moreinformation about your “outofthebox” suggestion (I honestly had never heard that a lens hood helps protect the lens).

Isee yourpoints more clearly now and youdomakeseveralgoodpoints.Ithinkin my scenarioI stillfeel a UVfilteris agood optionforme (I don’treallyhave lens flair trouble,etc and couldprobablymake it workin context if it everhappened :-P) although I often use my VX’s lens hood when shooting so I guess I sort of have double protection. πŸ™‚

As for zzzstephen, hopefully you have enoughinformationto make your choice about which filter(s) you want to buy!I hope wedidn’t confuse you with so muchinformationhere. πŸ˜›

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