Don, if your intent is 3D,


Don, I know you're intent is NOT 3D, but I've added info below.  It seems you want two angles of the same subject, right?   Is it an overlay you want so both images are present?  If you're trying to get 3D from the angles you've posted, then, sorry, you can't accomplish that to 3D.  It's a mis-match.  If you want to do a split screen, yes, you can do that in any video editing program.  Please, re-submit more detail or an example that we can then comment on to help you along.


If your intent is 3D, you're going about it all wrong.  IF 3D IS your intent, you need to put BOTH video cameras on a solid rig.  Just like your eyes, you need to place both cameras about the same distance apart making sure both cameras are aiming EXACTLY at the same point (lots of adjustments).


Knowing you can't hit the record buttons at the same time, once both cameras are running, either make a loud clap so the sound is picked up by both cameras or click off a flash from your still camera, so you can sync both clips on each timeline.


As for the 3D effect, you can buy (free trial period) Sony's Movie Studio  Check the other versions for their bells and whistles.


Movie Studio IS 3D friendly and has video tutorials, plus YouTube had plenlty of tutorials to help you along.  Another plus is there, you can ask and get answers, from PRO videographers, to assist you.


* You don't need a 3D monitor, just your monitor you're using now.  But, you will need decent red/cyan paper glasses to preview your 3D effect.   Once you've rendered out your project (make a short, simple test video first), you can upload (render your test to MP4 for your test) it to a USB thumb drive and take it to a friend, family member to view on their 3D TV.  If all else fails, take your  thumb drive to a electronics store and let them insert and play the clip for you.


Good luck!

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