@Don. Don RUN or type fast


@Don. Don RUN or type fast to the nearest place to get Star Trek 09 the JJ Abrams movie. But the Full set with the extra bonus disc. Watch the bonus disc, the making of and effects, then watch the movie, then watch the bonus disc making of and effects and drop your jaw.

JJ Abrams did nearly everything old school, from lights to even some exterior shots of the ships. Granted some parts were CGI, but MOST of all of that movie is old school. In fact before its release many in Hollywood believed it would flop because of the old school effects, guess what, after its huge success when George Lucas re-re-re-re-re-re-released the Star Wars set for the Brown Box edition he “borrowed” some of Abrams ideas for the last 3 but first 3 released Star Wars films, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Yep, George Lucas lifted some old school ideas from JJ Abrams.

Some things in Star Trek 09, the Shuttle Hanger show when leaving Earth, that is an old Blimp hanger, the shuttles in the background are….cardboard cutouts, OUCH!. The “base” is an old oil refinery.

The Kelvin ship is an old beer brewery, So is the Enterprise but they used the Budweiser brewery for that. When Kirk is trying to find Uhura and is running around with Bones in tail those huge stainless steel things to the left and right, are Budweiser storage tanks. They used flashlights for the lighting effects, yep handheld flashlights. And when the ship took a hit, yep the crew leaned to the left and right.

JJ wanted to recapture the “feel” of Star Trek but update it at the same time. He did a good job. And it is one of the extremely few movies that is filled with effects that may of which was done old school. But keep in mind the space battles and some exterior shots are CGI. But watch the behind the making of and you will get your answer, they even give you the show how.

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