domineaux, I can’t help to


domineaux, I can’t help too much with your already shot audio/ video stuff. But I think that the camcorder that you use ‘HDR12’ (is it HDR sr-12?) has a zoom microphone feature (goes from ‘surround sound’ to focused stereo)thatmight beswitched to eliminate the bucket sound. I have the sr-11 and in the ‘surround sound mode’ (default) picks up a lot of ambient sound from all directions. Switching to zoom microphone concentrates thesound pickup from thescene zoomedin on. Hope that makes sense. Next shoot try test recording with zoom/no-zoom and hear if that makes any difference. As far as blank posts occuring on this forum, I have found that when I use my newer laptop with Windows 7 and IE when I try to post (send post)a window pops up asking me if I want to leave this page. If I click yes, I get a blank post. I click no and then click send post again then when the same window pops up again, I click Yes. This time I get my post to go through. Don’t know if that is what is happening to your posts or not. Hope this helps. Keep shooting.

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